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Bloco Electro - African Beat

Bloco Electro

African Beat

Earth Connection

Released: 20th February 2009 | 3 track breaks single
Bloco Electro is a band who's energetic and exciting live shows have seen them wowing audiences with their leftfield beats performed on a selection of traditional world percussion mixed with electronic drums and retro electronica. They were the only live act to play as part of Annie Nightingale's 'dream line-up' at her opening night breaks party at Glastonbury festival in 2008. This is the second release from the Bloco Electro album Global Beatbox – Part 1. The EP features 3 mixes of the track originally inspired by the Afro beats of Fela Kuti and Tony Allen. Bloco Electro mixes world rhythms with club beats and plays all this stuff live triggering the samples and bass lines from drums pads or triggers attached to acoustic drums on order to keep the raw energy of a percussion group but with all the sonic textures available from a electronic based act. Bloco Electro are aiming to build on their deserved festival reputation with a confirmed show at Heavenly Planet in July - one of this summer's new festivals, alongside the mighty Drummers of Burundi. Other festival dates are in the pipeline. No loops, no backing tracks, just live drums! Gavin Lombos – Bloco Electro.