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Russell's Teapot - This Is Modern Love

Russell's Teapot

This Is Modern Love

Earth Connection

Released: 20th July 2009 | 3 track electropop single
A cheeky summertime pop song with infectious lyrics which have been likened to a modern teenagers version of a Shakespearian Sonnet. Featured in the forthcoming debut album 'COME SWEETHEART' due out this autumn. This follows the acclaimed 2008 Desire EP and features a dubbed up remix by Duke of Hazard and groove led remix by Electrohed. Russell Alsop (a.k.a. Russell's Teapot) is an artist whose work is influenced by the contradiction of being an atheist despite being born into a cult religion. His life, portrayed through his music and lyrics, is not restricted by genre and isn't afraid to challenge convention. Russell is a producer, musician, singer, songwriter whose musical experiences range for club DJing to running a 32 piece orchestra. The album Title 'COME SWEETHEART' is taken from the Quay Brothers short animated film 'In Absentia' a collaboration with Karlheinz Stockhausen and commissioned by the BBC. A story of a woman in a physchiatric hospital who wrote hundreds of letters to her lover with thousands of repetitions of the two words...'Come Sweetheart'. Fresh and uncompromising stuff. RADIOACTIVE MAN. He is always pushing boundaries and with this material he will inevitably break through. MARTIN RUSHENT.