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Darkhouse Family - Brockwild EP
12" Vinyl
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Darkhouse Family

Brockwild EP

Earnest Endeavours

Released: 10th March 2014 | 4 track beats & breaks ep

Cardiff's foremost dungeon beats production unit Darkhouse Family (aka Don Leisure and Metabeats) return on the Earnest Endeavours imprint with four certified heaters.

Steeped in hip-hop's heritage but veering towards a stark electronic future, title track 'Brockwild' pays homage to D&B's techstep heyday; galactic funk juggernaut 'Arphouse' is the result of a studio session with Eglo mainstay Arp.101; 'Elephant Large' lumbers menacingly from the speakers true to its name; and EP closer 'Press Continue (One For Challis)' mellows the mood, showcasing that signature DHF West Coast lean.

DJ support from Kutmah, Gilles Peterson, Arp.101, Alix Perez, Stray, Fracture, Rockwell, LeFtO…