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Habits of Hate - Habits of Hate EP
12" Vinyl

Habits of Hate

Habits of Hate EP

Electronic Explorations

Released: 28th April 2014 | 2 track techno ep

Rob Booth's preternatural ability to cherry-pick the finest emerging talent in electronic music (see: Mount Kimbie, James Blake, Akkord) continues with EE:V:003 - a brutal pair-up of two of the UK's most promising techno fiends under the menacing-sounding guise Habits of Hate.

Heroic young gun Happa and already-prolific producer Manni Dee are both quickly rising through the ranks of the UK techno scene with releases on labels like Boomkat Editions, Bleep's Green Series, Perc Trax and Black Sun Records shared between them. Born out of swapping tunes and discovering a shared spirit of pushing dancefloors to previously uncharted limits, Limelight Roles takes a rigid, stomping pattern to its absolute breaking point and refuses to let up, calling to mind Regis' most unrelenting tracks, whereas A Rebel From the Waist Down blends equal parts sub-crushing bass with corrosive mid-range textures. These two slabs of brutalist techno just might be both artists' most gleefully punishing work to date, falling in line nicely with the recent output of other unhinged vanguards like Shifted, Perc and Untold.

Happa is Leeds-dwelling 16 year old Samir Alikhanizadeh whose early productions gained fervent support from luminaries like Zed Bias, Skream and Mary Anne Hobbs, quickly solidifying him as a bonafide prodigy and one to watch. His future looks just as exceptionally bright as his music is exceptionally dark.

Manni Dee is a futurist of sorts - an impeccable, razor-sharp tech genius and restlessly inventive producer who's unafraid to tinker with the boundaries of sound and music, expertly walking the line between solid and abstract, carefully constructed and organic. Based in Brighton, he's already released on some of the top underground dance labels and earned enthusiastic praise from peers and critics alike, from Blawan to Surgeon to Giles Peterson and more.

"A side in particular is filthy!"
Lakker, Techno Producers
"Facking mental mate love these full support"
DecaRhythm, Label