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Floating Points - Danger
7" Vinyl
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Floating Points


Eglo Records

Released: 10th October 2011 | 2 track techno single
2 track 7 inch vinyl complete with locked grooves courtesy of Eglo's chief scientist of sound - Floating Points. With each release the young Mr Shepherd seems to go deeper and further left as he combines a dancefloor aesthetic with his sonic explorations through sound and colour. Conjuring warm and textured sounds with a ghost like spirit, layered synths rub against pulsating frequencies and dusty hi-hats, marinating in a concoction of sprightly sparks, flashes and rumbling subs that sound like someone just hacked into the laboratory's mainframe. EMF meters come to life with jacking effect as the printer spews out a copious amount of indecipherable sheet music... it's weird science brought to life in the most beautiful of ways.