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Simon MacHale - I Remember

Simon MacHale

I Remember

Eire Supply

Released: 7th April 2014 | 1 track post-modern pop single

Nineteenth-century poetry entangled with mallet instruments and a 7/4 time signature.

The first single from Simon MacHale's debut album Let Down Those Old Defences, 'I Remember' takes influences like Steve Reich and Stereolab and infuses them with pop sensibilities.

iSimon MacHale s an Irish solo artist with a rich and quirky musical past. A former guitarist with Annette Buckley, MacHale formed a duo in 2008 (Quasimodal) before touring Ireland and Israel. More recently he has been singing choral music between Dublin and Switzerland and picked up 1st prize in the Sean O Riada Composition Competition in 2010. He has recently begun his solo career having built up a bank of material from the age of 14.

Simon's songs blend classical training with an intuitive instinct for pop hooks. Carefully crafted melodies and close vocal harmonies feature prominently, and the influence of folk, pop and classical music can be heard in equal measure. He has been a long time collaborator with fellow Cork-born songwriter Annette Buckley (often performing live together) with whom he shares a passion for modal melancholy.

Words are drawn from a range of sources - Simon's own lyrics are complemented by settings of poets like William Blake and Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as the poems of his sister Catherine MacHale.

Simon's debut Album - twelve tracks which span from solo acoustic to fully arranged electro pop with piano and feature John MacHale (drums) and Annette Buckley (vocals). A collection of songs navigating its way through acoustic balladry, electronic melancholy and classically-inspired harmonies, all with a single voice.