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Peter Digital Orchestra - Peter Digital Orchestra
12" Vinyl
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Peter Digital Orchestra

Peter Digital Orchestra


Released: 18th January 2010 | 6 track leftfield/idm album
PETER DIGITAL ORCHESTRA aka Fulgeance is back!!! After two years of explosive liveshows from Brest to Detroit USA, passing thru Sofia and Vilnius, Peter Digital comes back with a fresh new ep more inspired this time bywonky and bass music. His Funk gets louder and less disco but still bumpy and breaky.Some may say he looks like a w**ker , but this french mustache & greased hair dandy just don't stop to surprise the crowd with his ego trip character, and awesome tracks like Juicy Lady or Jeux de Langues, riding his MPC like a horse! He's not a dj, he's a poducer, and you know why he's really good? Because he loves,as the crowd love it, to play real time all his tracks, freestylin on bass, beats, synths.He's a real musician and a real showman. His new LOCAL HERO EP on Eklektik Records is already playlisted by Kid606,Busy P, Dj Pone from Birdy Nam Nam and will wake up for sure the european beats scene Pay attention at the back , because the Juicy Lady EP is just an opening to a great saga which will grow and grow!! Get set to welcome your LOCAL HERO as he deserves it….