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Various Artists - A Tribute To Arthur Russell
CD Album
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Various Artists

A Tribute To Arthur Russell

Electric Minds

Released: 16th November 2009 | 12 track leftfield/idm album
Some people call him a genius, some a tortured artist and for others he was misunderstood; but for many his music is the ultimate tribute to his life that was cut short in 1992. Arthur Russell's work has been covered, sampled and used as inspiration but what has really driven us to build this project is to simply continue his legacy and through modern interpretations bring examples of his work to a new generation. At a time when the music industry faces its biggest challenges and questioned by younger fans and musicians, Arthur's name constantly reappears. Often quoted as a major influence by bands such as the Klaxons, Horrors or by mainstream DJs and underground producers for an artist like Arthur Russell, who was relatively unknown in his lifetime, it is a rare example that his legacy continues to grow today. Such is the importance of Russell's contribution to the modern music scene that many consider his work to be untouchable but several modern day producers have carefully picked out key elements of his songs whilst recording entirely new and up to date soundtracks. Yam Who?, Faze Action, singer Mary Moore, NYC's Pocketknife, My Tiger My Timing, Andy Spence from New Young Pony Club, and Max Essa have worked hard to create entirely new instruments and vocals. Additional remixes come from Mark E, Ilija Rudman & Lil Tony. In addition Peter Gordon who worked with Arthur Russell on many of the original releases has collaborated with Yam Who & Faze Action; adding his musicianship to the newly created cover of Go Bang. Further collaborations from Arthur's friends and musicians, Steven Hall & Joyce Kirby, also provide a new version of Lucky Cloud which is produced by NYC's Pocketknife. In effect a new band has been created that can bring to life Arthur Russell's works. The name of that band is Killer Whale. -An extremely important influence on me. Now revisited, remixed and ready to influence a whole new generation-Danny Krivit -Thanks for helping in keeping this legendary man's work alive and well - Danny Tenaglia -Full support from me everywhere. Looooooove this - Laurent Garnier -Wicked! Really digging the Lil Tony and Yam Who particularly - Bill Brewster -Really looking forward to playing this - Darshan Jesrani (Metro Area)