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Tujiko Noriko - Solo
CD Album
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Tujiko Noriko


Editions Mego

Released: 12th March 2007 | 9 track latin pop album
While still maintaing her trademark version of experimental japapnese pop, on ‘Solo’ the edges have been polished with some of Noriko’s most acomplished works. In part due to the mixing skills of Gerhard Potuznik and Tyme (from Mas). One could even say a work of great maturity. “Making music was like I drive and drive looking for a place where there is nobody. I would arrive there, wow cool, I get out of the car quickly. Then I happily dance, sing, doing a mini party alone. Doing a solo show alone in a big green field. There is a lake, the sun, a train, an airplane, the city, a forest, camera,second sight & everything in the field. etc. Anyway, it's nice when it's working well. I had forgotten this way of enjoying for a while. Last year, after some collaboration albums, I remembered I wanted to have this feeling again.†Tujiko Noriko, 24.11.2006