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Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox - Flux Compendium
CD Album
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Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox

Flux Compendium

Editions Mego

Released: 1st January 2000 | 9 track minimal/glitch album
Ectoplasmic drool, ruptured voice, multi-temporal cash, concerti for nostrils, hyperactive excursions into comedy and violence. An aural textbook of constant change presenting a multi-dynamic evaluation of what may be possible with what we have at this point. Equal parts postwar beard and modern patchnocrat, Flux Compendium sees two of Melbourne's hairiest sons nose dive and writhe in their unique take of sonic totalism, rising out of the muck with their kaleidoscopic best. Far from the lifeless plague of spacebartronica, they execute an electrified real-time homage to some of their favorite obsessions: breakneck pacing, vocal hysterics, blistering textures, bodily functions and dysfunctions. Eschewing their intuitive beginnings in favor of more a concrète punk miniature aesthetic, this record is the first on the new Editions Mego label.'