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Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio - Trahnie
CD Album
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Lucio Capece & Mika Vainio


Editions Mego

Released: 2nd March 2008 | 11 track experimental album
On first glance Lucio Capece and Mika Vainio seem unlikely partners. Two standard bearers at opposing poles of extremity, both sonically and geographically. Lucio from Argentina and rooted in a traditions of jazz and Improv, while Mika hailing from Finland sourced in early 90s electronic and Industrial scenes. However, they both share an alarming attention to detail when it comes to their audio compositions, and neither are afraid of pushing boundaries of abstraction to the limit. With this in mind its with great pleasure that Editions Mego issues their first album as a duo. Recorded over a 2 year period in Berlin (their common chosen home), its as startling as it is visceral. Delicate as it is extreme. Huge blasting slabs of concrete sax geometrically oppose sonic taps of electronic sound, which bring about a fascinating sound palette. The opening 'Ujellus' is both piercing and soothing; 'Juurake' combines pure sweat with cold emotion; tense environmental scrapes flesh out on 'Ahuyenta Temores'. From the pounding machinist overdrive on ' Tolmavuo' to the poignant melancholy of 'Manana'. Its all here.