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Bruce Gilbert - The Shivering Man
CD Album
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Bruce Gilbert

The Shivering Man

Editions Mego

Released: 9th May 2011 | 7 track industrial album
The Shivering Man, originally released in 1986 on Mute (STUMM 39), was Bruce Gilbert's second solo album. Following on from his 1984 masterpiece This Way (recently reissued as eMEGO 102), it further explores Gilbert's investigations into the grey border where abstract noise and rhythm co-exist with obscure melodies and song structures.

The sound is further expanded with guest vocal appearances by Angela Conway and fellow Wire traveller Graham Lewis. This is also the first time the complete album is available domestically on CD. Previous CD issues were the This Way to The Shivering Man on Mute (with U Mu U missing), and the Japan only 3 CD box with This Way, Shivering Man and Insiding previously released by Alfa Recordings. This 25th Anniversary reissue is remastered by Russell Haswell and contains a re-work by Dave Coppenhall on Angela Conway's original artwork. As a bonus a short Angela Conway video featuring Michael Clark originally broadcast in 1987 on Channel 4, has be included.

All titles Bruce Gilbert except Eline Cout II: Gilbert/Conway
and Epitaph for Henran Brenlar: Gilbert/Lewis
Engineered by John Fryer. Recorded @ Blackwing Studios
Remastered by Russell Haswell @ Haswell Studio, Suffolk
*Dance-work conceived & choreographed by Angela Conway
Performed by Michael Clark, Julie Hood & Ian Longmuir
First broadcast by Channel 4 TV - Alter Image : Series 2 on 5th May 1987
New artwork by Dave Coppenhall