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Lorenzo Senni - Quantum Jelly
Vinyl LP
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Lorenzo Senni

Quantum Jelly

Editions Mego

Released: 8th October 2012 | 5 track minimal/glitch album

Written & produced by Lorenzo Senni

All recordings direct real-time 2 channel digital recordings.
Using a computer controlled JP8000 Roland Digital -Analog Modeled S-Source- Synthesizer as the only instrument.

Cover: Anne De Vries Steps of Recursion
Typesetting and layout by Lorenzo Senni

'Quantum Jelly' is the cracking new release in Senni's ever busy schedule.
A record deeply influenced by his love of 90's trance/hard-trance music and a growing interest of the musical structures and sound archetypes of this genres.
Taking the most obvious characteristics of this kind of music (spoon fed with supersaws,
build-ups of several minutes and over-the-top-instant-gratification melodies) Senni worls with these in relation to his own background in experiamental and noise cultuire. Creating tracks with just one simple idea and forcing it into a typical non-build-up, a sonic spiral of repetitive and percussive arpeggiated melodies.
Using the idea of the buildup as a starting point to make a non-uplifting track that implicitly preserves its emotional tension and drama.