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Thought Broadcast - Votive Zero
Vinyl LP
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Thought Broadcast

Votive Zero

Editions Mego

Released: 23rd June 2014 | 9 track ambient album

All Tracks Recorded and Produced by R.B. 2012-2014 in San Francisco,CA and Brooklyn NY.
Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, March 2014.

Artwork by Ravi Binning

Special thanks to Peter Rehberg and Alexandra Gorczynski

Formed in opposition to the media identity schizophrenia of the present, Thought Broadcast thrive upon the post-punk tactics of forgery and radical anonymity. Votive Zero is the second release on Editions Mego from this mysteriously coded American outfit. Emerging from the US noise/punk background Thought Broadcast further trace a unique path with nine carefully considered obfuscations of rhythm and blurred takes on expressionism.
Utilising minimalist spaces, rhythmic repetition and material textures Votive Zero navigates psycho-geometries whilst bathing in a lost, dubplate style fidelity. Within this construction, past and present are unified as a hazily paranoid exploration of electronic music's nebulous grey zone. From the damaged mystery of 07/13/2013 to the smeared beats of Carving a Vow and morse code mantra of Runaway Signal this ambiguous release treads a subtle and suspicious path where secrets once hidden are revealed on further, deeper listens.
Votive Zero is a sustained journey through raw, hand rendered minimal electronics which advance the cause and effect of Thought Broadcast's strategic occurrences.