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Loke Rahbek - City of Women
Vinyl LP

Loke Rahbek

City of Women

Editions Mego

Released: 19th May 2017 | 9 track experimental album

Recorded throughout Europe.

Assembled in Stockholm at EMS studios and in Copenhagen 2014-2016

Mixing assistance by Malthe Fischer, Copenhagen

Mastering by Bonati, New York

Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin

Additional instrumentation by Anton Rothstein, Mikkel Reher Langberg, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Kristian Emdal & Elias Bender Rønnenfelt

Artwork by Rahbek, Emdal & Højlund

Editions Mego is pleased to welcome Danish Loke Rahbek (Damien Dubrovnik,Croatian Amorand Posh Isolation) to the fold. Known for countless creative and commercial endeavours Loke presents his first solo full length under his own name. As with all of Loke's output City of Woman harnesses the radical with the aesthetic in a manner of extreme pleasure for all who encounter.

Harnessing his thorough knowledge and experience in extreme electronics, melodic encounters and sultry showmanship Loke ties together disparate threads of various underground movements to create a singular and deeply personal journey through industrial temptation, noise refraction and melodic seduction.

This is 21st Century pop music. One which dismantles previous held borders of sound to present a wide palate of sound, song, abstraction and intense emotion.