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Parov Stelar - The Phantom
12" Vinyl
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Parov Stelar

The Phantom

Etage Noir - Our

Released: 12th July 2010 | 3 track ep
The grand daddy of electro-swing is back. With the success of the Coco album, which was released in 2009, Parov Stelar has finally made the jump from being an insiders tip into the circle of top international producers. Sold-out concerts, placings in the charts and booked-out tours for his Parov Stelar Band are testimony to the meteoritic rise to fame of the musician from Linz. Now he releases something new. The Phantom has been made available in 2 versions. While the original version is played as spirited piano and strings arrangement - and merrily flirts with Motown style, the 1930s version takes us back into the swing era usually adopted by Stelar and interprets The Phantom as a wild dance floor monster. With this release Parov Stelar continues his series of dance EPs, which earned him his first successes.