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Andy Korg - I Want You EP
12" Vinyl
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Andy Korg

I Want You EP

Etage Noir - Our

Released: 8th May 2006 | 3 track single
This unique Austrian Andy Korg artist gets emotions back on the dancefloor. His debut release 'I Want You' hits directly into the heart: a magical blend of soulful dirty jazzy downbeat grooves with the stunning female voice of Dani Cargo is what every active music listener and lover will fall in love with. A pumping dancefloor version of Andy Korg´s 'heartbreaker' was created by one of the labels masterminds Parov Stelar, who combined the very spezial mood of this song with his unique art of sampling: a Parov Stelar track is always some kind of different so are his remixes! He´s like the godfather of 'dirty old jazz sampling' Andy Korg, also known as 'The Fat King' usually dedicates his music to pop-influenced aspects of breakbeats and house. But there is still space to accompany his well balanced melody tracks: As also being a dj for several years he exactly knows what it takes for a clubtune to get the crowd groovinhappyshakinsmiling. So a track called 'Sax And Soda' made it on the B-side to complete this amazing EP.'