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Just Banks ft Blaktronics - 360 Degrees
12" Vinyl
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Just Banks ft Blaktronics

360 Degrees

Etage Noir - Our

Released: 30th October 2006 | 3 track single
360 Degrees is the 12 debut of Austrian artist Just Banks, who engaged the talents of the San Francisco based duo Blaktroniks that came up with their catchy trademark vocals featured on this stunning release. The title track is served in three different flavours: Makossa & Megablast, who´s debut 12 on G-Stone Recordings Like a Rocket / Kunuaka was a massive hit, reinterpreted 360 Degrees and created a dirty pumping groover that will guarantee massive crowd participation. The original version is a bass heavy downbeat stomper with smooth rap vocals and a killer hook. This tune shows distinct tendencies towards becoming a timeless head knock anthem. Last in the round is the atmospheric remix by the Wolf Myer Orchestra, creating a more calm and elusive vibe for rather introspective moments.