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Dining Rooms - If I Could
12" Vinyl
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Dining Rooms

If I Could

Etage Noir - Our

Released: 6th August 2007 | 3 track single
Stefano Ghittoni and Cesare Malfatti must be hard working men....They just released an amazing and very successful album on SCHEMA rec. which shows their relaxed and very intimate side as artists. Now the Italian powerduo comes with a new 12 single on the Etage Noir imprint which is packed with the power combination of house, jazz and funk for the dancefloor. If I Could - it’s a sexy floorgroover with the impressive voice of the well known Mouse On Mars singer Dodo Nkishi - The combination of that catchy vocal lines combined with the rhythm, percussion and broken beats of THE DINING ROOMS Brings You The Summer Feeling! More Electro House Influenced Is The IF I COULD remix of Roland Schwarz and Parov Stelar. Heavy basslines with a touch of latin lifts the song up to the peaktime of every dj set. The 3rd song Found Footage underlines the the love of Stefano and Cesare for cinematic and emotional music.