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Laine - sånt é livet
CD Album
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sånt é livet

Etage Noir - Our

Released: 9th April 2007 | 10 track album
The Austrian-Swedish formation exists since the year 2001, formed by the Austrian producers Clemens and Stefan PICHLER as well as the Swedish singer Kristina LINDBERG. Christian WENDT an upright-bass player did not only affect the band structure, together they developed a new reduced and open sound, which soon became the unmistakable brand name of LAINE. Sounds that allows space, which can emerge over and anon and also lets us discover some new facets in the sound universe of LAINE. Kristina Lindberg, Clemens and Stefan Pichler were all strongly affected in their musical socialisation by jazz, which is noticeable in a unpretentious way. After listening you will hear that pop as well as electronic music have affected their sound identity. Here you notice that the tracks are not ever lasting loops that keep repeating themselves, rather fascinating and even slightly structured compositions.