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Lost Idol - White Light

Lost Idol

White Light


Released: 2nd December 2016 | 7 track downtempo album

UK-based electronic artist Lost Idol recently emerged from the shadows with his third studio album Chrome Machine Tales. Hailed as a perfect collection of ambient pop and electronica (DJ Food), it maintained a sense of melancholy that has become Lost Idol's calling card. That sound is explored further on White Light, a mini-album containing three new songs along with remixes by Kettel, Digitonal and Jilk.

Of the new songs here both the title track White Light and Laser Smoke & Light find Lost Idol exploring new sonic territory bringing together processed vocals, analogue circuitry and, in the case of Laser Smoke & Light, some quite startling drum programming. Dawn Birds meanwhile is a return to the more familiar Lost Idol sound of old – a slow meditative trip that gradually unfurls into something quite beautiful.

Also included here are remixes of two songs from the Chrome Machine Tales album. Irrepressible Dutch electronic producer Kettel steps up to deliver his unique take on Mechanically Void twisting the track into a sprightly hyper-melodic electro-pop hybrid fit for any discerning dancefloor. Meanwhile Digitonal and Jilk serve up two very different remixes of Blue Lotus Eyes; Digitonal turns the song into a late night suite of sorts adding piano, clarinet and soft shuffling drums to create an all-absorbing mix for weary heads. Jilk set their machines to mangle-mode, serving up a jarring yet super-melodic torn-up take on the the original.

"Flashbacks of circuit board lullabies after a hard day on the autobahn"
Matt Oliver, Clash Magazine
"A perfect collection of ambient pop and electronica"
DJ Food, Ninja Tune