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C'mon Tigre - Elephant RMX
12" Vinyl

C'mon Tigre

Elephant RMX

Original Cultures

Released: 5th May 2017 | 3 track downtempo ep

Original Cultures returns with a special package made in Bologna featuring local globetrotting duo C'Mon Tigre and printing house Squadro alongside famed Italian animator Gianluigi Toccafondo and producers DJ Khalab and Populous. It's a whole world of fun in one carefully crafted, limited 12 package.

The Elephant RMX EP features a brand new C'Mon Tigre track and two remixes of tracks from the duo's self-tited debut by DJ Khalab and Populous.

'There's No Need To Point Another Light Up Here' is an 8-minute hazy trip into C'Mon Tigre's brand of funky psychedelia. Reverse drums, distant voices, and an incessant drone gradually reveal a rhythmic clarity and melodic charm. As for the remixes, Populous transforms 'Welcome Back Monkeys' into an infectious groove with looping guitar licks and spatial horns while DJ Khalab takes on the Federation Tunisienne de Football, fuzzing its funky guitars and voices into a dirty, driving rhythm that urges you to get up and dance.

The EP features dancing elephants with trunks as horns courtesy of Gianluigi Toccafondo. This beautiful piece has been silk printed by Squadro in Bologna and every 12 copy comes in a clear plastic bag with a sticker and the record wrapped inside the cover.