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Electric Planet Five

Electric Planet Five

Electric Planet Five Music

Released: 5th May 2014 | 5 track electropop ep

Electric Planet Five had played in a jazz trio and participated in a band as a keyboard session player. She pursues melodic electronic music. This release is Electric Planet Five's EP. The song, titled 'Space Flight' introduces EP5's mysterious and dreamy journey into the vastness of outer space with her exotic and unique electric sound. While electric instruments may sound sophisticated, expect to feel the very sounds of what nature has to offer... the sea, the wind, and the space around us! Along with EP5's unique composition, effects and added cinematic sounds, listeners are free to imagine their own stories into space.

The EP5's electronic melody combines multiple genres of music such as jazz, rock, and lounge. Expect to hear EP5's selection of synthesiser effects and dynamic beats of an orchestra, on top of EP5's subtle and warm vintage sounds of electric piano in the baseline. Be prepared for lift-off into space with Electric Planet Five!