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Various Artists - Welcome to the Neo Golden Age EP
12" Vinyl
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Various Artists

Welcome to the Neo Golden Age EP

Equinox Records

Released: 31st January 2005 | 5 track ep
This 4-track 12' EP is the opener for the 'Welcome to the Neo Golden Age? series on Equinox Records and: being their first vinyl release: gives a brief overview of what to expect from the ambitious label on their upcoming compilation album. The EP features 4 artists: On Side A, Arcsin, out of New York City, breaks the ground with 'Positron Affirmation': Deep hip-hop drums and hypnotic vocal samples lay the foundation for this fine composition of shuffling dark synth lines. Next on the tracklist, Emynd: an aspiring producer, known for production for artists such as Dose One, Sole and Sage Francis: hits us with his up-tempo instrumental track 'Positive Reinforcement'. The straight forward drumbeat, combined with powerful analogue samples and the overall 80ies sound will quickly fill any dancefloor. On Side B Danny Decock out of Vienna sets up a beautiful composition of a shuffled melody, a crashing drumbeat and at the end of the track, takes it away with the gently weeping guitar that Danny played himself. The EP is concluded by Aqua Luminus III, with his pace driven and hectical 'OP Wüste... With the fusion of head nodding beats and electronic surroundings it is not much of a surprise that he was featured on Funkstörung's new album 'Disconnected' and collaborated with German's most innovative Hip-Hop group 88:Komaflash. This limited EP release is beautifully designed and comes in clear vinyl. It musically sets the scope for Equinox? organic / electronic sound.'
"?The people on this record do not cater to a genre, but they cater to good music. Because that's what it evidentially is: good music. Or heck, great music.? 7/04"
urbansmarts magazine