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Deckard - Noir Desire EP
10" Vinyl
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Noir Desire EP

Equinox Records

Released: 27th February 2006 | 3 track single
Deckard aka Attila Makai is one of the most promising European downbeat producers today. Having independently released a limited edition vinyl EP in 2004 called 'dasABSTRAKT', his musical abilities immediately caught the attention of the Swiss label Ish Records. Later, he was featured on their compilation 'The Now Factor' which featured two of his compositions alongside artists from all over the world. Yet these by far have not been the only contributions Deckard has made to the beautiful world of music. Over the past few years he has released around 60 tracks on his own internet based network '': which also serves to unite an online community of producers from Paris to Berlin. Now, Deckard has found a home at Equinox Records. With the 'Noir Desire EP' he has made another leap forward, displaying his humbling vision of downtempo beats. Still, you can hear the influences of early MoWax, and the sound of musicians such as DJ Krush and DJ Cam, but always with his personal twist and unique use of athmospheric tones and melodies. Deckard proves his style to be exceptional and pushes himself to the ranks of today's most cutting edge producers.'