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The Raah Project - Score

The Raah Project


Equinox Recordings

Released: 16th December 2013 | 13 track world fusion album

The Raah Project began in 2004 when Tamil Rogeon and Ryan Ritchie began improvising

live gigs on their samplers. Originally using samples they took from their Jazz and classical

records and combining them with beats, they quickly wanted more original backing for their

Violin and Vocal performances which led them to recording their own original arrangements of

orchestra and big band.

Mr Rogeonʼs vision led him down a path of violin improvisation and soundscape manipulation,

Mr Ritchieʼs led him to a realization that he was in fact a singer and that he had in fact written

songs where the orchestra behaved as a replacement to the traditional instruments of the

singer songwriters quiver. The combination of these ideas, 40 players , 3 weeks at a vineyard

working on programming and production, and the addition of some of Australiaʼs finest Jazz

musicians has spawned the debut album SCORE.

Score was made with no intention but to satisfy their own artistic desires; a boundless

approach to making the album was employed, answering only to each other and the rules of

PCCOMM originally published by Matthew Herbert. The result is a critically acclaimed,

staggeringly bold album of truly original soul and jazz music.

"There was a project out of Melbourne called the Raah Project… I couldn't believe how good it was – it was definitely up there and beyond. It was a bit of Matthew Herbert, a little bit of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, but with its own melodic Australian vibe going on"
Gilles Peterson, BBC Radio 6 / Brownswood Recordings
"Ritchie is as persuasive a rapper as he is a singer, equipped with the rhythmic instincts of a jazz vocalist or beat poet. And Rogeon's solo violin fuels the ensemble's dynamic fire."
The Age
"The RAah Project is one of the best innovative and interesting projects afloat!!!"
Vogue Italy