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Various Artists - One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol 2
CD Album
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2 x Vinyl LP
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Various Artists

One Year & A Day - A Sound Exposure Vol 2

Equinox Records

Released: 30th June 2008 | 14 track pop album
Following the success of the teaser mini-album One Year & A Day – The 5inch Files that gained worldwide attention despite its limited pressing (a hand-numbered limited edition vinyl release, and the first ever 5inch series!), Equinox Records finally drops its second full length album, the second part of the sound exposure compilation series: One Year & A Day – A Sound Exposure Vol.2. This album is one of the biggest projects in my career. I have put together everything that defines my work for the label as well as what defines me as a DJ and a record collector. I am more than happy with the final result! (DJ Scientist) Handpicked from a motley stack of demos and promotional CDs, Günter Stöppel (aka DJ Scientist), the founder of Equinox Records, assembled a product that features 14 outstanding tracks by some of today's most cutting-edge artists and producers. Spanning various genres and aesthetics, the compilation is as breathtaking in its breadth as it is in its execution. Whether it be a folk-rock inspired breakbeat banger such as 2econd Class Citizen's Wishing Well, the forward-thinking electronic prog-rock tune Times Like This by Free The Robots, the original post-instrumental Hip-Hop track Tibetisches Gutenachtlied by Aqua Luminus III, or the thrilling Octobre by electro/IDM-wunderkind Geste, the second volume of the series succeeds in representing the pioneering ethos Equinox strives to uphold. Likewise, Arcsin's rock ballad Scarlet Fever juxtaposed with the bitter-sweet lyrics of Deadpan Darling's pop song Laugh Track, Emynd's inexorable electro tune Identity Through Alterity, or the classical cinematic introduction by the famous 60s rock group The Peddlers, the One Year & A Day compilation covers a diverse range of styles and genres, illustrating the amalgam of sound Equinox is known for, resulting in nothing if not one of the most distinct and forceful collections of songs within the past several years.
"Equinox is emerging from the ashes of the music industry bonfire as a shining example of what to do when everything around you is falling apart."
Marinko Jareb, Exclaim Mag
"One of the nicest and most varied compilations we've heard this year, and one you need to make space for in your life."
Laurent Fintoni, ATM Magazine
"Equinox Records has a sticker on One Year & A Day: A Sound Exposure Vol. 2, their new compilation, that reads “the self-appointed album of the year.” And…it’s actually true."
Keith Pishnery, Word Like A Scientist Blo
"Raw and essential!"
Cuemix Magazine
"A great compilation for adventurous music fans."
Thomas Quinlan,