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Geste - Jaw Breaker EP
12" Vinyl
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Jaw Breaker EP

Equinox Records

Released: 19th January 2009 | 3 track single
What we have here could easily be the most adventurous IDM / electronic 12 this year. Before creating the glitchiest electronic music known to computers and men, Geste aka Francois-Charles Domergue from Paris was an accomplished bass player in various bands, playing music from hardcore punk to post rock. Those influences are still alive in the ferocious energy of the music he does today, leading to a completely unique sound and approach that results in an astonishing 3 track debut release. Introduced by a lullaby-like melody, the title track on this EP soon turns into a Jaw Breaker; in Geste's own words: a sweaty dance to save your life. This is the one track that will make your speakers scream LOUD!!!!. While Ohm Sick continues in the same vein of Jaw Breaker's astonishing synth work, it takes Geste's hardcore approach to song programming to a new level: the beat builds up tension second after second and every DJ will hear the crowd yearning for more. Last but not least, the final track André is pure and raw beauty. Its edgy bassline challenges some spheric keyboard melodies to make it a perfect ending for this EP. Sales Points • Limited clear vinyl pressing with insert and free download code for bonus track • Very loud pressing cut at halfspeed
DJ Shir Khan (Exploited R
"Raw and beautiful electro post-punk out of the digital ether. Electronic music for all head bangers."
Goon Magazine
"Absolutely powerful and amazing!! That’s the sound I missed after beating King Koopa in Super Mario Bros."
Drumkick Radio
"Playful compositions, yet a punk attitude that hits you right in your face."
"Holy shit. Geste is crazy! I know I’ve heard other music by him... but this is nuts."
Ceschi Ramos