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Ceschi - Same Old Love Song
12" Vinyl
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Same Old Love Song

Equinox Records

Released: 25th May 2009 | 5 track ep
'Same Old Love Song, the A side of Ceschi (pro-nounced Chess-Key) and DJ Scientist's 12 picture disc is an upbeat folk tinged hip hop piece which owes as much to OD's 'Beneath The Surface compilation as it does to Too Short's 'Freaky Tales. On this track, Ceschi has recruited LA Underground legends 2Mex and Awol One to join in on tackling the always relevant issue of women and love or lack there of. The light hearted nature of these three distinctive emcees' lyrics blend perfectly with Scientist's throbbing drums, folk guitars and female vocal samples. On the B-Side we hear Ceschi team up with one of his hip hop idols and tour mates, Freestyle Fellowship founder, Myka 9 on the track 'Objects Are Falling. Between the trumpet spikes, an infectiously bouncy beat, and a space age melodic chorus lay 3 hard hitting verses covering the topics of religious and political control, communal unity and human symmetry. While these may be two of Ceschi's most straight forward hip hop tracks to date, he proves that he can style and flow with the best of the west. With this picture disc, the mostly instrumental, Equinox Records may have released one of the strongest underground hip hop singles to come out in years. Sales Points - Picture Disc - Featuring the Hip Hop legends Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship), 2Mex (of Visionaries) and Awol One - Exclusive Remixes
"sick music from underground legends"
"deep lyrics and legendary appearances "
Dday One
"really nice"
Chris Read
"one of my favourite German hip hop beatsmiths DJ Scientist continues to prove his credentials as a reliably dope producer "
DJ Woody