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2econd class citizen - A World Without
CD Album
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2econd class citizen

A World Without

Equinox Records

Released: 2nd November 2009 | 10 track leftfield/idm album
Drawing from his palette of all things psychedelic, prog-rock, folk and traditional-song related, mixed with modern techniques of sampling and sequencing, 2econd Class Citizen aka Aaron Thomason creates music which transcends a multitude of genres to distil a wholly immersive experience. With A World Without, his epic, debut full length, 2CC has out-done even himself in terms of the scale of production and ambition of the vast journey of song he has successfully encompassed. The music is awash with soaring sections of string-led beauty, doused with brooding passages of disquietening ambience and driven on by crashing drums layered with such subtle textures as to create a densely-woven sound that might take many listens to fully realise. Punctuated only with snatches of lost folk songs and striking contributions from US based song/wordsmith Ceschi Ramos and the deeply unsettling jamesreindeer, the album is an ever-changing, ever-refining kaleidoscope of melodies and directions. Each track touches on a subtly different part of the whole which, in turn, has the album slowly draw itself out in one great all-encompassing movement, carrying the listener off into a brave new world rarely visited in this current musical age. About 2econd Class Citizen: Twin loves for the psychedelic folk heritage of his fair isle blended with his great appreciation for all things boom bap and break related lead 2econd Class Citizen on to the inevitable path of composing his own works in order to combine these two seemingly separate musical strands. This diverse hybrid can be heard on both his EP releases Divided Reality and Wyred Folk as well has the recently released One By One single which all have created a buzz of anticipation from a diverse collection of musical circles and gained him great reviews and quotes from well respected ?gures in the music scene. The astonishing debut album A World Without creates lavish tapestries of soundscapes, string melodies and driving acoustic guitar lines smelted together with rich bass and dusty drum-breaks to offer up wide-spectrums of emotive song-writing. Sales Points - Press and radio campaign throughout september/october by The Hook Up Music Consultancy - Upcoming Solid Steele Ninja Tune Mix during release date - European Tour with John Robinson (of Scienz Of Life) in early December
"A remarkable debut album."
HHV Magazine
"2econd Class Citizen has an incredible knack for flipping samples in a haunting fashion as well as blending a certain folk aesthetic into his beats."
Rhythm Incursions
"One of the best psychedelic hip hop albums I’ve heard in ages."
Left Hand Side Blog
"This album is seriously good - very impressed."
Strictly Kev / DJ Food
"An eclectic treat of bleeps, beats and folky hip hop flavas."
United Groove Radio Show
"One of the best instrumental hip hop albums this year."
DMute Magazine
"It's sounding bloody great"
DJ Format
"It's sounding bloody great"
DJ Format