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Dogs of War & Zebras - Dogs of War & Zebras
CD Album
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Dogs of War & Zebras

Dogs of War & Zebras


Released: 11th April 2011 | 13 track disco single
Dogs of War are a real disco curiosity. Unbeknownst to most the man behind this act was Pat Deserio. Deserio was one of the Canadian pioneers, dishing up that addictive electronic disco of Montreal. In 1977 he released the self titled LP by Dogs of War on his Generation Records. The four man group were only together for this one LP. However, bass and vocals man Jack August would team up with guitarist and music engineer John Hagopian from the album to form The Zebras soon after. This new outfit would go on to spin out hits like Paradise Garage. For the first time Electunes brings these ground-breaking productions of disco together on one disc alongside a few slick edits. Dogs of War are on show first with Spaciula and its fully fledged space disco on the cards. Soaring synths, crisp beats and a real disco cruiser odyssey. The record returns to earth with the afrobeat inspired Future Jungle before the heady floor filler sounds of Intergalactic Tactic drops. The flipside sees the funk laden Love Pirate board the LP, bringing a treasure trove of bass and disco to the record. Dogs of War once more launch into the stratosphere and funk has a hold. The interplanetary Space Conquerer will overtake floors with its catchy hooks and deep chords. The Dogs finish off as they started, in the realms of space. But this time it is an cosmic funk with the lean strings of Le Stress. To keep the ship on course The Zebras and For your Love are up next. This is a disco lover's dream. This is the kind of track you will find spinning through your head. A blend of deep vocals, funk dripping chords and a nice bit of bass. A track undoubtedly dropped by the likes of Loud-E Disco strings come through in open chested bravado with Paradise Garage, a strutting with macho guitar rifts and husky vocals. Animal and Razor Girl follow, seeing The Zebras tread down the path of synth abstraction and experimentation. The edits bring a dj friendliness to the originals, adding new elements and extending structures. Enne takes on Space Conquerer. Staying true to the original some breaks are elasticated to give a better chance to get in and out of the track. Giulio Dj remakes Paradise Garage. The original is smoothed out and given a seat while Giulio adds a seductive disco twist. The synths of Love Pirate experience a bit of a revamp by Lexx with strings coming through and vocals resonating in this excellent edit. Electunes have taken two obscure gems from the disco world and given them a loving re-issue. The tracks have been gently cleaned to give them back their shine without losing any of the original gloss. Cosmic, disco and funk pour forth from this multifaceted album. Electunes have even put in a contemporary bonus with three clever and discerning edits, doing the originals proud with a modern spirit. If you're looking for a disco fix no further, you've found it.