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Neud Photo - Interface

Neud Photo



Released: 4th February 2013 | 8 track industrial dance ep

Neud Photo is back with a new 6 song mini-LP on Vienna based label, Electunes. The songs are very driving and he incorporates various styles throughout.

,Interface' and ,Objet A' have tight grooving basslines and pumping 808s / 909s.

,Partial Objects' is an italo-infused track with lots of edge.

,Nite Skool' is a spaced out dance tune with cold wave vocals.

,Fist in the Pocket' has a hypnotically sublime groove with a minimal yet deep feel.

,Silent Servants' brings to mind a John Carpenterish sound with industrial beats pounding throughout.

Neud Photo continues to innovate within the musical realms of electronica while still maintaining the grit flowing from his hardware based studio.

The digital release includes two bonus tracks.