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Mohear - Weird




Released: 8th April 2013
Weird (Cold Pop Version) [05:01]
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Weird (Brioski Remix) [05:57]
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Weird (Brioski Bonus Mix) [06:35]
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Go Away (Kid Machine Remix) [05:28]
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Dipping deeper into the inspiring pool of Italo-disco, electric disco pop-rock combo Mohear is happy to reveal their latest sonic endeavor, the moody but tasty Weird on the Electunes label. Led by the icy vocals of Miss Sophie, Weird slinks and shimmies as if sneaking through a dark alley, its steady drum beat and synthesized arpeggiations cautiously leading the way. The song itself is appealingly retro, as if time traveling from the...

"pretty nice"
Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco, Fabric
"Brioski Uber Alles!!"
Rambla Boys, Mozzarella Recordings
"LOVING the Bonus Mix!"
Ben Mono, Compost
"Really tripping on that Brioski Bonus Mix. Love it!"
mikeBurns, Disco Devil, Estrela
"Will support"
So Called Scumbags, Defected
"Wonderful Bonus Mix! Can't wait to play it!!!!"
Sunshine Jones, Dubtribe, Treehouse Muzique
"i like everything in here"
DJ Morpheus, Lysergic Factory radio show
"Overall great package of mixes"
Karsten John, Vinyl Vibes Records
"Cool production"
Anthony Mansfield, Hector Works, Sick Moves
"Great stuff as always!"
DJ Rocca, Gomma, DWDK