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Mohear - Weird




Released: 25th March 2013 | 5 track electropop ep

Dipping deeper into the inspiring pool of Italo-disco, electric disco pop-rock combo Mohear is happy to reveal their latest sonic endeavor, the moody but tasty Weird on the Electunes label. Led by the icy vocals of Miss Sophie, Weird slinks and shimmies as if sneaking through a dark alley, its steady drum beat and synthesized arpeggiations cautiously leading the way. The song itself is appealingly retro, as if time traveling from the post-punk '80s, but filtered though recent cosmic excursions. In fact, Mohear mastermind DJ Enne has played alongside the Italian cosmic pioneers Baldelli and Beppe Loda back in 1983 and one can certainly hear some of these influences in this production. Italian producer Brioski supplies a pair of remixes, with the first riding on a synthetic pulse accented by handy percussion flourishes. Brioski's Bonus Mix shakes a bit more, with an added techno influence flavoring its mid-tempo groove. The digital release of Weird also features the original 'pop' version and a remix from the rising Robot Needs Oil, who adds blasts of wah-wah guitar and horn stabs among the synths and string glides, recalling a vintage Trevor Horn dance production. Prime time stuff here from Electunes and Mohear, suitable for retronauts and futuristas alike.

"pretty nice"
Severino Panzetta, Horse MEat Disco, Fabric
"Brioski Uber Alles!!"
Rambla Boys, Mozzarella Recordings
"all the rmxs are ace, esp. the robot needs rmx.... love it!"
DJ Morpheus, Lysergic Factory radio show
"best work for me is the ROBOT NEEDS OIL REMIX and will play it!"
Ed Royal, Innvision-Records
"love the robot needs oil"
Andreas Kinzl, Aromabar
"nice italo-vibes!! original & robots needs oil is my favourite here!!"
Sandro Bianchi, Ibiza Sonica
"Wonderful Bonus Mix! Can't wait to play it!!!!"
Sunshine Jones, Dubtribe
"Great stuff as always!"
DJ Rocca, Gomma, DWDK
"nice 80's Italo-Disco-style tunes! All mixes are good"
Minus 8, Compost, Stereo Deluxe
"LOVING the Brioski Bonus Mix!"
Ben Mono, Compost