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Mohear - Baby
CD Album
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Released: 11th November 2013 | 12 track electropop album

After 3 Years in Studio the austro-belgian Band Mohear is proud to present the new album Baby. Sophie Barrezeele is the lead singer and she emphasizesthe unique style of the bandwith her particular vocal timbre. Guitar player Harald Köll improves the sound skilful with rocky - funky riffs, melting perfectly together with the synthesizer sounds of keyboarder Thomas Tiefenbrunner. Last not least the drummer und pianoplayer Robert Ennemoser completes the quartet and he plays the major role in production und composition and became also a noticeable named DJ and producer. Everyone of the members is presenting an essential part and defines the specific sound that makes the style of this group unique. Mohear is extraordinary and is impressing with Electro-Disco-Sound combined with the appearance of a Rock Band. The sonorous voice of Miss Sophie is finishing the package. Mohear is definitely a well rehearsed team and after a bunch of live gigs they reconfigurated themself and recorded an organic electro studio album. Mohear rocks, makes you dance and sing alongside the catchy melodies and chorus. The musical style of Mohear can be defined in one word: electrodiscorock.

Sean Johnston, Hardway Bros
"Love it!"
Flash Atkins, Paper Recordings
"I-Robots Approved!"
Gianluca Pandullo, I-Robots
"super tracksssssssss!!!"
Jorge Gonzalez, Smoking Luxx
"Disco from the Best"
attila, MR2 Petofi Radio
"Love it!"
Adam Warped, Whiskey Pickle
"Great stuff as always!"
DJ Rocca, Ajello
"solid stuff"
Makossa, FM4
"Can't wait to play it!!!!"
Sunshine Jones, Dubtribe
"wikkid nu-disco"
Jon Pierce, Da Wiseguy