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Unicorn Crew - Becoming a Mirror

Unicorn Crew

Becoming a Mirror


Released: 30th March 2018 | 14 track electropop album

Unicorn Crew proudly presents their first full length album Becoming a Mirror on Electunes Records. The 14 indie synth pop songs are inspired by post-punk and electronic tracks of the mid 80s. However, Le Crew rather appropriates than copies. Oozing a certain wistfulness, the album remains dance-oriented: Simply, the prefect soundtrack for retrofuture darkdancers.

Becoming a mirror: Some mirrors reflect the heart's desire instead of a face. They reveal what could have been. They are a way to cope with sehnsucht. We become such a mirror. Music ricochets just below its surface. We pressure melodic shrapnel into a smooth surface. The music twitches. This mirror reflects life rather than light.

The Unicorn Crew is Annette Amon-Hassenzahl (Vocals) and Marc Hassenzahl (Music). We grew up in a club culture of song, sadness and darkness, so characteristic for the mid- to end-eighties. We had much fun with misery; we cherished the imperfect — and Unicorn Crew wants this back. More song, less technology.