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Tanja Spielvogel - Insane

Tanja Spielvogel



Released: 6th April 2018 | 3 track techno single

Tanja Spielvogel torn between time and space.

Constantly traveling, barely palpable. Sometimes the sounds are rough and handy, sometimes dreamy and light-footed.If you want to understand her sounds, you have to go deep, listen a second time, breathe a third time and throw expectations overboard.

Beside the original you get two outstanding remixes of Vertical M and Noize Project!

There are few solid components, not a simple scheme everything flows together and becomes a cosmic symbiosis. You will always find tunes. Sometimes they are subliminal, sometimes theydominate, sometimes they disappear after the break to sink in a raw and metallic vacuum of claps and basses.