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Auditive Cosmos - Stargazer

Auditive Cosmos



Released: 20th April 2018 | 3 track nu-disco single

The Munich project Auditive Cosmos always knows how to deliver a phantasmagorial Disco tune, and the track is beautifully set up with warm pads and soulful guitar licks that ride over an organic retro beat and a funky bassline. It's a brilliant backdrop for listen and dance. A great workout with stomping beats, swirling vibes, ethereal synth and a chunky string section, it's hard to believe this has been sitting in the vaults for so long.epic journey with a clever arrangement. The strings and keys are drenched in sublime reverb and are beautifully placed in the mix, adding to the dancefloor frenzy until the chorus hits you with a maximum aural punch. On top to the original comes a blasting Vertical M deep tech remix that skilfully forms a bridge between the genres. As icing the track Great Nights completes this glimmering Disco breeze.