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Metin Alatlı - ALaturka'dan ALaMoog'a Esinlenmeler

Metin Alatlı

ALaturka'dan ALaMoog'a Esinlenmeler


Released: 9th March 2018 | 14 track ethnic fusion album

Metin Alatlı, released a magical album that could have easily been a forerunner of the Moog Cookbook series in an eastern fashion, 1975! (Alatlı was an organist the beat band Silüetler in 1960s Turkey).
This is that Turkish album which would rather have another monkey on the cover (remember Mustafa Ozkent LP's cover!). Nowhere else would you find such weird interpretations of Turkish (or any near eastern music) caressed and raped with insane funky moog sounds, a stray sitar blowing here and there..
Some tracks were also used many Turkish pop-corn comedy films in 1970s especially Kemal Sunal movies and the others..