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Blind Boy Paxton - Dirtiest Little Darling / Railroad Bill
7" Vinyl
10" Vinyl

Blind Boy Paxton

Dirtiest Little Darling / Railroad Bill


Released: 30th April 2012 | 2 track acoustic blues single
Evangelist Records of London is founded by Lewis Durham, producer and member of the band Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, and American Joe Walters. The Evangelist studio is an all analogue affair, controlling each part of the recording and mastering in house to create a truly authentic sound. The debut pairing of releases from Los Angeles bluesman Blind Boy Paxton and St. Louis ragtime hero Pokey LaFarge, showcase this sound amazing sound perfectly, with both being issued at 45 and 78 rpm.

Jerron Blind Boy Paxton has travelled far from his Compton, California home and spreads the old time music tradition with him wherever he goes. He is a featured player on the recent Frank Fairfield album Out On The Open West and they frequently tour and preform together. He is a musical genius who is an accomplished piano, guitar, fiddle and banjo player. Dirtiest Little Darling comes from his first ever professional recording session and features both Lewis and Kitty Durham. It is a sizzling session that would not sound out of place on a classic reissue, but is modern and makes a stark debut statement for both Paxton and Evangelist.

Lewis Durham is an avid collector of 78's and finds that they most accurately reproduce the music he loves, produces and is now issuing. These 78's will be issued on a strictly limited basis and come in a hand printed and numbered company sleeve. They are sure to be treasured for generations of collectors to come.

The 7 is limited to 1000 copies.
The 78 is limited to 300 copies.