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Cloud - What You Want


What You Want

Exceptional Records

Released: 13th May 2013 | 3 track downtempo ep

Coming off the back of his previous well received 12 Genius of Time/Tight Genes, Gothenberg exile and current Berlin resident Cloud returns with three blinding tracks. What You Want is taken from the highly acclaimed Adventure album and this time around it has been remixed by rising Dutch stars Ju Ju & Jordash (Timeslip, Ropeadope and Deckmantel) who take us on a percussion driven excursion in a fluttery dubby echoey kind of way. Persistent beats build in a restless ebb and flow, the sound reverberating as though in a room full of mirrors building to an impressive crescendo before gradually fading away into the distance. Cloud has spent the last two years developing his own Swedish flavour of minimalism with tracks such as Sakta and The Grid. Chasm is a further step into the void a deeply minimal track with the subtlest of danceable beats and a sparse scattering of musical embellishments here and there. Jupiter Drift is a further exploration into the outer reaches of minimal with it's bleak and desolate musical landscape, it's an eerie journey to the outer limits of minimal. Cloud has already attracted quite a heavy duty fanclub which includes Tom Middleton, Jimpster and Prins Thomas to name but three. Early DJ and media reactions to the release are also encouraging. We're expecting action in IDJ, DJ Data, Transmission, Resident Advisor and key blogs.