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Plej - Safe Place


Safe Place

Exceptional Records

Released: 7th April 2014 | 4 track leftfield/idm ep

The original version of 'Safe Place' is classic Plej – subtle yet satisfying that demands repeated listens and leaving you craving for more. Sounding vintage and futuristic all at the same time, its warm Rhodes keys intro gives way for a spine tingling trumpet solo and Joanna Wahlsten's smooth vocals that confirm that we are indeed in a 'Safe Place'. Its arrangement and production qualities recall the golden 'Aja' era of Steely Dan with touches of French pop, delivered in Plej's own unique way.

Rekids' Toby Tobias reworks 'Safe Place' into a dubbed-out cosmic disco trip and Exceptional's very own and Hird's younger brother, Cloud (aka Alex Berg) confirms that he's a name to firmly keep our eyes on. Following up his hugely successful 'Adventures' album which gave Naked Music a run for their money, he's now delivered a mix that will devastate discerning dance-floors such as Berghain's and Secretsundaze's. Dare I say it this remix is up there, if not better than Carl Craig's recent rework for Junior Boys' 'Like a Child'. Enough said!

Plej's new album (as yet untitled) has been written and produced by siblings Arvid and Erik Niklasson and mixed by fellow aforementioned Swede Hird ('Keep you hird', 'Moving On' ) who also produced The Knife's 'Silent Shout' and the currently hotter than hot Studio's 'West Coast' album.Reluctant to give too much awayArvid describes the new album as an organic progressionfrom their debut albumwhich maintains Plej'sdistinctive style whilstadding morelive instrumentation.

Plej emerged in 2003 from the bourgeoning music scene in Gothenburg (also known as Gonkyburg and home to Swell Session, Ernesto, Hird and many more) with their seminal debut, 'Electronic Music from the Swedish Leftcoast'. The album achieved cult status via word of mouth and over the years has proved to be a timeless classic. Plej's unique take on electronic music which incorporates lush atmospherics, warminstrumentation and sophisticated musicality won over not only dance connoisseurs but the general publicall over the world.