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John Beltran

Human Engine

Exceptional Records

Released: 21st April 2014 | 14 track ambient techno album

Human Engine is John Beltran's ninth album and the second for exceptional. Constantly reinventing himself John has embarked on a journey with this album that takes you from a Cinematic Dream World to touches of Retro Electronica with a Splash of Indie Rock. Those familiar with John's enormously successful album Ten Days Of Blue (Collage Of Dreams featured in HBO's Six Feet Under) will recognize a return to his roots in a couple of the songs. Anyone with a knowledge of John's extensive body of work will marvel at his renowned production quality and the sound scapes he weaves with Human Engine.

This album is a personal introspective inspired by John's love of nostalgia, his love-life, and his ever growing connection with the human condition. Human Engine is a testament to the beautiful music he's heard in such movies as Lost In Translation, Millions (John Murphy), and Eternal Sunshine oF the Spotless Mind( Jon Brion).

Some Indie Bands like Sigur Ros, Squarepusher's (more ambient work), West Indian Girl, and Ulrich Schnauss have also captured his imagination, inspired and motivated him. So moved and inspired by the music of these films, bands, and artists John immediately went to work to put his own spin on that sound and that is Human Engine.

Some of the album has a more familiar/recognizable electronic, soundtrack, and rock influence -- the opening and title piece 'Brilliant Flood is ambient, reminiscent of old Tangerine Dream or Brian Eno. The songs Millions of Moments, and Heavier Than Love (that feature Beltran's orchestral arrangements) are seemingly inspired by composers like Craig Armstrong, and Max Richter. Or with it's Edge like rock guitar harmonics, live syncopated drum track, and bliss-full female vocals A Mind Blows Everyday fits within a grittier indie rock category.

This album is an inspired work of art full of passionate and evocative moments that will open the eyes of devoted Beltran fans and will fascinate the ears of new listeners. Either way, the music and film world will bear witness to the depth of this unique composer/producer.