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Charles-Eric Charrier - Silver
CD Album
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Charles-Eric Charrier



Released: 15th December 2014 | 5 track art & progressive rock album

On Silver, multi-instrumentalist Charles-Eric Charrier directs his collaborators Ronan Benoit and Cyril Secq through a lesson in tension and release. Dismissing genre boundariesSilver deftly plants its roots on a plateau in a strange land somewhere between the worlds of psychedelic post-rock, electronic, improv jazz and modern composition. Over the course of five movements, Charrier and company illustrate how to successfully kaleidoscope an eclectic range of influences into a cohesive and unique whole. From the smokey sludged psych rock blues jam of '21 Echoes,' the jazz lounge pitter-pat of brushed snares and tapped hats coalesced with analog synth and brass vibrations on '12 From,' to the plucked and bowed folk strings and hand drums of '9 Moving,' Silver draws a new musical blueprint for the post-everything generation.