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Black Swan - The Quiet Divide
Vinyl LP
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Black Swan

The Quiet Divide


Released: 15th December 2014 | 11 track ambient album

The enigma that is Black Swan has emerged from the shadows to deliver its second work. Awash with chilling ambience, found sounds and haunting samples, The Quiet Divide reins in the phantasmagoria, examining the blurred in-between, the darkness that lies at the divide. Creeping ever so slowly out of the confined spaces of its previous work, In 8 Movements, Black Swan moves further into the crevice, mining territory unbefitting to most composers. Upon surfacing from the muck and grime, the resulting work is disquieting and poignant, exposing the listener to the inner workings of the desolate in hope that they will never have to plunge themselves into it.