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Jack' ie Lo - Memorandum Colosio

Jack' ie Lo

Memorandum Colosio

Extasis Records

Released: 15th April 2012 | 2 track rave single

Jack' ie Lo, internet-based young producer, takes the most representative speech given by Luis Donaldo Colosio, mexican presidential candidate who was murdered in Tijuana during the Mexican Presidential campaign on March 23, 1994; to produce this single that feels like an annunciation from a global teen with a tough attitude, that make scoff from politics, corruption, progress and the ideal of power, that thee society of economics have constructed.

Welcome to the future, a new reality. We are really glad to present our first release, two straight and powerful tracks of raw techno that takes the bassline from thee classic 303 in a trip to acid house. This is the Y Generation.