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Ida Dillan - Angelic Slang EP

Ida Dillan

Angelic Slang EP

Extasis Records

Released: 10th February 2017 | 7 track electronic ep

The actual context of the global club music sphere is currently having a very important moment due to the western world hypernormalization, producers connect through specific networks just like agents from the inter-zone to analice society from different perspectives. Nowadays, club-music has in it's hands the opportunity to impact immediately the peoples minds in an abstract and poetic way…

Angelic Slang is an EP that portrays one of the more playful, yet dark sides of me as both a person and producer. For me it's been about exploring different sides of myself, converting it into club tracks. I've been playing around with soothing, harmonies and cocky vocals, while mostly focusing on wild percussion and vicious drum beats. -Ida Dillan