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Shyqa - Victim EP


Victim EP

Extasis Records

Released: 14th April 2017 | 9 track electronic ep

Shyqa is west siberia's (cyberia) hidden gem. We are happy to present his second release VICTIM EP on the label, it doesn't just reflect an extraterrestrial ambient sound aesthetic, it is a timeless musical journey that has melodic, emotional, deep and obscure fibers that are able to reach your inner psyche.

The project Shyqa started by the inspiration from the sound of the electronic music label EcoFuturism Corp. I was trying to make ecological sound design and atmospheres presented through my personal perspective on today's electronic music scene, I mixed some HA samples and other familiar sounds in club culture with atmospheric eco-grime in an effort to present something special and individual. -Shyqa

We invited Wasted Fates, Ida Dillan, Daniel Arp and Wrack, 4 musical prodigies from the Extasis Records family to make the remixes, with outstanding club applications of Shyqa's work.