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Various Artists - Altered Natives Presents..The Guild Of Synchronists
CD Album
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Various Artists

Altered Natives Presents..The Guild Of Synchronists

eye 4 eye recordings

Released: 18th April 2011 | 12 track uk funky album
guild |gild| noun a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. • An association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal. • Ecology a group of species that have similar requirements and play a similar role within a community. synchronists |'si ng kr??nists| 1. The futuristic creators of simultaneous occurrences in electronic music that appear significantly related but have no discernible casual connection, all operated or developed according to the same time scale ahead of its time: the guild of synchronists comp is quite fucking staggering. 2. A word created by Danny Native of the Altered Natives to encapsulate & define his group of selected electronic master builders, and also to sell this amazing compilation by using word play evoking images of electronic synthesizers & ancient secret societies of technofied architects: I looked it up, Synchronists isn't even in the dictionary, heavy album though. track 4 is a banger. Well finally we are here. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Allow me to introduce and welcome you to The Guild of Synchronists. The first album comp for Eye4Eye Recordings this 2011, presented by myself Altered Natives. In this compilation you will find a collection of works brought to you by some of the names which in my opinion however valued, i think you should watch over the course of dance music history. Starting at grassroots and steadily building in tempo and arc, I compiled this album to expose new talented producers who have my personally belief & backing in the quest for musical fuckery. Plus, i had an affinity to each of the tracks here, as i felt each track individually embodied everything I have tried to achieve and squash together through the medium of my own production. The true synchronicity truly lies in the shared passion for making good music and the passion to create. This comp is an introduction to some of the names that I hope to familiarize you all with over the next few years with Eye4Eye. A few of the names you won't necessarily know, some may recognize already as some of these guys are already getting their game up. But ultimately this is an introduction to some of the future featured artists of Eye4Eye Recordings.
"A million thanks for this!! Plenty of great deephouse funkyness in there for me to play Lovin it !!!!!!"
Laurent Garnier
"I love the output on this label, once again Danny has put together a bangin selection of beats and I cant wait to play them out."
"By the sound of the producers on the Guild of Synchronists, Altered Natives is rebuilding the world of house and broken beat and everything in between in his own image."
Kode 9, Hyperdub
"Fresh, forward thinking and ambitiously curated by Altered Natives"
Mary Anne Hobbs
"Nice varied bag of real twisted uk house! a strong unified aesthetic coming through. my favourites are the El Sudor and Funksta tunes, and that Misery Peat one is nutty as well."
Bok Bok, Night Slugs
"It's a great snapshot of how varied and exiting bass/whatever music is at the moment. Favourites I'm gonna play straight away are Charge - Love the brutal Detroit vibes on that... Also feeling Hermit"
Untold, Hemlock
"It's wicked man, loving the misery peat, yours and the dd black cuts the most"
Illum Sphere, Hoya:Hoya
"Misery Peat and El Sudor bits are really nice , played both on Rinse - great future sounds"
Oneman, Rinse FM