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Tr One - Inner Thoughts
12" Vinyl
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Tr One

Inner Thoughts

Fine Art

Released: 23rd July 2007 | 4 track single
TR One is Eddie Reynolds, Paul Reynolds and Dean Feeney. Influenced by likes of Jeff Mills, Active Service Unit and Derrick May. They cherish the endless virtues and possibilities of analogue-based music. Influenced not only by their musical agenda - TR one Production methods are similar to a recording session of the past, involving each member performing with different instruments in performances. ˜Inner Thoughts is a rolling acid track with off- beat snares and broken hi hats set to rocket-launch.
"“Lushness of Acid Eiffel crossed with the way out-ness of Detroit and you’re nearly there… acid house as it should be”"
"“dirty acid house crossed with Detroit techno…you only have to think back to the days of new electronica to get close to the level of innovation going on here…a serious recommendation of the month.”"
"Sounding great and the production is fat! My favourite track is the Lasimo remix. Really lovely driving tech house but with those beautiful chords."